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We are the UK’s fastest growing multi-vendor network and telecoms repair service and we are committed to extending the working life of legacy network and telecoms equipment, irrespective of its age or manufacturer.

Who Are We?

Comtek’s core business is the repair, remanufacture and refurbishment of complex communications equipment. Comtek promotes these services as a powerful means of dealing with the global environmental and economic challenges that are facing the telecommunication market.



At the core of our operations, Comtek operates Europe’s
largest multi-vendor network hardware repair service. We extend the working life of Telecoms hardware.



With unmatched technical expertise and an unwavering commitment to excellence, our skilled team excels in repairing both contemporary and legacy hardware.



We specialise in
repairing and supplying equipment from
industry-leading brands such as Cisco, Ciena, Nortel, Juniper, Arista, HPE, Infinera, ADVA, and many more.

Our Story


Comtek started in 1989 as a one-man operation repairing modems and network hardware products. Without any external funding the company grew, despite the recession, by providing network hardware and computer repairs to computer maintenance providers. Later Comtek became involved in refurbishing legacy and current network hardware products and reselling them throughout the U.K. and Europe.


A name change for Comtek, to what we now it as today, Comtek Network Systems. This was done to reflect the greater focus on telecoms and networking equipment that Comtek was now repairing.


Comtek’s growth has been impressive. During early 1997 the Welsh Development Agency encouraged and supported Comtek in expanding its operations to North Wales (Deeside). As a result, Comtek moved most of its operations to Deeside Industrial Park.


Early in 2001 Comtek acquired the repair business of Case Technology’s manufacturing and repairs business following the bankruptcy of this company.


In 2009 the global communications giant Nortel filed for bankruptcy and began to sell off various parts of its business. Much Nortel equipment was thus facing vastly reduced or totally withdrawn technical support. With customers across the globe facing withdrawal of support for telecoms products which formed the backbone of their networks a potential crisis was looming. The obvious solution at the time would have been for these companies to rip out billions of pounds worth of infrastructure and start again. This would have drastically increased the amount of equipment sent to landfill and the costs of underpinning their businesses.

Comtek therefore launched its Nortel Rescue Programme to offer a repair /remanufacture/refurbish service for any legacy and end of life Nortel equipment which was facing withdrawal of support.


Comtek opens its Northern Ireland facility as a reaction to increase in demand for its repair services. Today this allows Comtek easy access to European markets and customers, greatly reducing our customer shipping expenses.


Sorrento Networks International is acquired by Comtek Network Systems, becoming the UK’s only manufacturer of fibre networking equipment.


Company has continued to diversify its offering and now provides repair services for rail and highways equipment such as variable messaging signs and cameras. It is also pushing into the renewable energy market by providing repair solutions for solar and EV chargers.

Our Vision

To become the world’s leading provider of component level repairs to complex networking, telecommunications & other hardware products. We are passionate advocates for the circular economy and carbon reduction, offering a wide range of refurbished hardware options.

How Does Comtek Help?

By extending the lifespan of these devices, we significantly reduce the carbon footprint associated with manufacturing new equipment.

Each unit undergoes rigorous testing procedures to ensure quality and reliability before it is shipped. By providing cost-effective alternatives through refurbished equipment, we actively contribute to resource conservation and the reduction of electronic waste.

Embrace the circular economy and make positive strides in protecting our environment for generations to come.


Global Emissions by Economic Sector

  • Electricity & Heat Production 25% 25%
  • Agriculture, Forestry, & Other Land Use 24% 24%
  • Buildings 6% 6%
  • Transportation 14% 14%
  • Industry 21% 21%
  • Other Energy 10% 10%


Let’s prioritize the health of our planet. Opt for eco-friendly, repaired, or refurbished items. Every green choice contributes to a larger movement towards sustainability.

Our Locations

Choose Comtek for your repair, support, and refurbished hardware needs to benefit from exceptional service and extended product lifespan.

Visit us today to discover our extensive range of repaired and supplied equipment from renowned brands like Cisco, Ciena, Nortel, Juniper, Arista, HPE, Infinera, ADVA, and more.


Comtek Network Systems (UK) Ltd.

Unit 108 Tenth Avenue

Deeside Industrial Park (Zone 3)

Deeside CH5 2UA


Comtek Network Systems (UK) Ltd.

19 Heron Rd

Belfast BT3 9LE


Comtek Network Systems (USA)

1040 Serpentine Lane

Suite 207

Pleasanton, CA 94566


Comtek Network Systems GmbH

Nordendstraße 2

64546 Mörfelden-Walldorf


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    What's Our Mission?

    To promote a sustainable & environmentally friendly corporate procurement culture by encouraging our clients to consider refurbished equipment as an effective alternative business solution to new replacement.

    Small changes, big impact for the environment.

    Comtek Microwave Repairs

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