Warranty Policy

Table of Contents

  1. Warranty Application
  2. Warranty Period
  3. Warranty Coverage
  4. Warranty Procedure
  5. Warranty Exceptions
  6. No Fault Found Returns

Warranty Application

Upon dispatch Comtek Network Systems (UK) Ltd (“Comtek”) applies a warranty to all goods purchased and/or repaired.

Warranty Period

All hardware repaired or purchased, regardless of condition, will be provided with a warranty. Network and telecommunications hardware will be provided with 12 months warranty apart from the exceptions listed below.

All labour carried out by Comtek engineers will be provided with 12 months warranty.

Warranty Coverage

The warranty covers any failure of a product under normal use during the warranty period, apart from the exceptions listed below.

Warranty Procedure

For items failing under warranty, the customer is to notify the point of sale at Comtek of the failure. Should it be determined that the unit needs to be returned to Comtek, it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure the unit is packed safely and securely for transport.

Comtek will provide the customer with an RMA number, this is to be placed upon the package. The faulty item is to be returned to the destination requested by the seller.

Upon safe arrival at Comtek’s facilities, the unit will be inspected to check it is within warranty. Once determined that warranty will apply to the unit, Comtek will proceed to either repair or replace, at no additional charge, products or parts of products that prove defective.

Comtek reserve the right to issue a full refund of the original repair or product should the original item be deemed Beyond Repair or a replacement be uneconomically viable.

Warranty Exceptions

The warranty is void for any the following;

  • Damage of a product resulting from tampering with hardware or software
  • Customer induced damage
  • Third party induced damage
  • External environmental damage
  • Improper packaging and shipping (such claims must be presented to the courier)
  • Any unit missing Comtek warranty label
  • Failure of irreplaceable parts post 30 days of delivery, unless linked to the original reason for repair. (i.e. optical lasers, patent locked chips and unique BGAs). (This does not apply to product sales)
  • All peripherals, including desk phones, failing 3 months after date of despatch

No Fault Found Returns

Comtek reserves the right to charge for time and testing of returned products that are found to be in full working order. Warranty will not be extended post test unless expressly agreed.