Regular Maintenance & Servicing Reduces Cost

An uninterruptible power supply is a mission crucial piece of equipment. It is essential that you can rely on it to provide critical power protection at all times.

Over time though, wear and tear will begin to compromise your systems, and without regular check-ups your UPS’s performance will degrade, increasing the likelihood of failure and unplanned downtime.

Investing time and resources upfront will reduce costs in the future, by lowering system failure rates and drastically diminishing downtime.

UPS Maintenance Services Comtek

APC UPS Repairs/Maintenance 

Borri UPS Repair/Maintenance 

CertaUPS Repair/Maintenance 

Eaton UPS Repair/Maintenance 

Legrand UPS Repair/Maintenance 

Riello UPS Repair/Maintenance 

Vertiv UPS Repair/Maintenance 

Huawei UPS Repair/Maintenance 

Over 20 Years Industry Experience

There are multiple providers that will claim to offer similar services but are they as encompassing, reliable and flexible as Comtek?

Do they have 20 years’ experience in telecoms supply/repair?

We can tweak contracts to meet your specific needs, customising the agreement with your business and providing savings by removing unwarranted services.

Book a UPS Inspection or get a rapid quote

UPS repairs can be a risky gambit if you do not have a trusted provider to handle this specialist service. In the event of a failure, we can inspect the unit to assess whether it will be more cost effective to repair the fault or install a brand-new unit.

In most cases we can predict the most likely method of repair and possible parts required before requiring a callout, saving you both time and money, ensuring the UPS is back up and working as quickly as possible.

To ensure we can repair your UPS as quickly as possible, please contact us with as much information as possible. Our fully trained technical team will then be able to recommend the best course of action without delay.

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    Batteries are the most crucial aspect of an uninterruptible power supply. A degraded or poorly maintained UPS battery set could affect the autonomy time of a UPS resulting in critical failure
    Rapidly hire or purchase systems incorporating either a single UPS or Generator. Be it for standby or to keep mission-critical infrastructure working, don’t leave your business in the dark
    Book your site survey for an efficiency audit or lifecycle report. We will establish your exact power protection needs and work with you to reduce your UPS running costs
    Complete load bank testing service in order to provide you with timely identification of any problems with your generator and the remedial actions required
    ​Increase your understanding of UPS systems by looking at our UPS basics and FAQ. Ensure you are getting the right service and looking for the right products
    ​From annual maintenance contracts, proactive testing through to preventative solutions – we have you covered. Servicing nearly all uninterruptible power supply brands

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