Load Bank Testing and Reporting

Load bank testing is essential as it measures and validates the operational performance and battery health of your UPS system.

This test applies a replica load to your UPS, simulating when your UPS might be called into action and enabling you to identify potential weaknesses in your power protection system.

A load bank test allows you to assess the condition of your battery array, identifying any failures in individual blocks.

This test will also provide an accurate measurement of how long your UPS will perform in an emergency, improving contingency plans to mitigate against any costly damage.

Comtek Load Bank Testing

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Contracted or One-Off Testing Available 

If you are just looking for just a one-off system test or if you require a whole site completing Comtek can accommodate. Remember Load Bank Testing is the only way to ensure all elements of your system work together efficiently.

This makes it arguably most important UPS test. Our expert engineers will undertake your Load Bank Testing to identify how long your UPS will last in the event of power failure, as well as identifying potential battery failure.

Testing Schedules for Seamless UPS Operation  

Keeping a regular load bank testing schedule will undoubtedly keep your UPS equipment running at its most efficient, reducing the likelihood of a critical incident. Here are some of the advantages to ensuring you keep a test schedule


  • Ensures the availability of your standby generator with a “dry run” scenario.
  • Confirm your system is capable of operation under full load conditions
  • Assures that needed items have received proper maintenance
  • Checks starting batteries are charged and capable of initiating an engine start
  • Tests voltage regulator and governor systems are set properly
  • ATS is working properly to transfer the building loads from utility power to the emergency generator set.
  • Reach proper operating temperature, burning any unused residue/contaminates
  • Verify the devices emissions control integrity

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    Batteries are the most crucial aspect of an uninterruptible power supply. A degraded or poorly maintained UPS battery set could affect the autonomy time of a UPS resulting in critical failure
    Rapidly hire or purchase systems incorporating either a single UPS or Generator. Be it for standby or to keep mission-critical infrastructure working, don’t leave your business in the dark
    Book your site survey for an efficiency audit or lifecycle report. We will establish your exact power protection needs and work with you to reduce your UPS running costs
    Complete load bank testing service in order to provide you with timely identification of any problems with your generator and the remedial actions required
    ​Increase your understanding of UPS systems by looking at our UPS basics and FAQ. Ensure you are getting the right service and looking for the right products
    ​From annual maintenance contracts, proactive testing through to preventative solutions – we have you covered. Servicing nearly all uninterruptible power supply brands

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