Increase Understanding of your UPS Systems

Improve your power protection knowledge and review the crucial elements of uninterruptible power systems (UPSs) to make sure you protect what matters when it really matters. From phasing to power rating, topology to form factors, Comtek can help increase your know-how of all things UPS-related. 

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Understanding Different UPS Topologies

UPS systems are generally arranged by topology of which there are five main groups –

Standby – Best suited for simple backup and supporting less sensitive equipment – allows for protection against sags, surges and outages.

Line-interactive – Best suited for main distribution frame (MDF) and intermediate distribution frame (IDF) communication closets, non-centralized server and network rooms, and general IT – allows for active regulation of voltage either by boosting or decreasing utility power as necessary.

Online – Best suited for mission-critical equipment – allows isolation of equipment from raw utility power, converting from AC to CD and back to AC.

Ferroresonant – Best suited for industrial use such as oil & gas, chemical, utility and heavy industry markets – Allows for a no-break power transfer condition the output and hold energy long enough to cover the time between switching from line power to battery.

Multi-mode – Best suited for companies looking to achieve an optimal balance – UPS can switch between these two modes automatically when it detects problems in the utility power.

Common Causes of UPS Failure

Here are some of the most common faults that can cause your UPS to fail and below you will find a breakdown of how you may reduce risk factors –


  • Batteries – Typical lifespan of 3-5 years. This life expectancy can fluctuate greatly depending on placement, ambient temperature, cycling, maintenance, battery chemistry, and battery storage.


  • Fans – Temperature can have a significant impact on the life expectancy of UPS components, internal bearings can wear.


  • Electrolytic Capacitors – Typical lifespan of 10 years. Akin to batteries, the biggest risk factor for the projected life of an electrolytic capacitor is temperature and humidity.


  • Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) – Typically issues will occur after being exposed to frequent and/or extreme voltage spikes.


  • Relays – The least likely component to fail in your UPS, however incorrect or malfunctioning firmware setup could result in overuse and lead to failure.

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    Batteries are the most crucial aspect of an uninterruptible power supply. A degraded or poorly maintained UPS battery set could affect the autonomy time of a UPS resulting in critical failure
    Rapidly hire or purchase systems incorporating either a single UPS or Generator. Be it for standby or to keep mission-critical infrastructure working, don’t leave your business in the dark
    Book your site survey for an efficiency audit or lifecycle report. We will establish your exact power protection needs and work with you to reduce your UPS running costs
    Complete load bank testing service in order to provide you with timely identification of any problems with your generator and the remedial actions required
    ​Increase your understanding of UPS systems by looking at our UPS basics and FAQ. Ensure you are getting the right service and looking for the right products
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