Regular Maintenance for Prolonged Battery Life

Our UPS battery replacement and upgrade service will protect your business from faulty batteries before they are in a position to cut out. Comteks experienced team can carry out UPS battery replacements and upgrades on all models and manufacturers, from small single-phase systems to complex strings of batteries.

UPS Battery Replacement by Comtek

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Don’t just Repair, Upgrade your UPS Battery

Comtek’s battery replacement and upgrade service will locate weak spots before they impact on your business, leading to critical failures and possible downtime. We check all defect and resolve them quickly, providing you with complete power protection. Modern standard UPS batteries live for around 4-5 years, but we can extend this by replacing it with a battery designed to have a longer lifespan.

Batteries that are Safe and Effective

When carried out correctly, the replacement of UPS batteries is a safe and effective procedure, reducing unnecessary spend. There are, however, significant risk factors associated with UPS battery replacement if not carried out professionally:

The load may cease to be protected by the UPS. Faulty cabling can cause an inverter/rectifier breakdown, therefore switching into the auxiliary supply, and leaving the load unprotected.

The probability of a fault can be increased through electrolyte leakage associated with the incorrect handling of battery.

Serious injury to personnel can occur where there is spillage of electrolyte in the areas surrounding the UPS and battery installation.

There is a risk of thermal runaway, fire or explosion if the battery charger calibration is incorrectly handled.

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    Batteries are the most crucial aspect of an uninterruptible power supply. A degraded or poorly maintained UPS battery set could affect the autonomy time of a UPS resulting in critical failure
    Rapidly hire or purchase systems incorporating either a single UPS or Generator. Be it for standby or to keep mission-critical infrastructure working, don’t leave your business in the dark
    Book your site survey for an efficiency audit or lifecycle report. We will establish your exact power protection needs and work with you to reduce your UPS running costs
    Complete load bank testing service in order to provide you with timely identification of any problems with your generator and the remedial actions required
    ​Increase your understanding of UPS systems by looking at our UPS basics and FAQ. Ensure you are getting the right service and looking for the right products
    ​From annual maintenance contracts, proactive testing through to preventative solutions – we have you covered. Servicing nearly all uninterruptible power supply brands

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