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Pictured is the whole Comtek Wales team outside of Comteks Head Office in Deeside. Located at this site is one of Comtek’s Nortel Repair Labs & Training Facilities, as well as millions of pounds in reference equipment. 

Our Goal

“Become the world’s leading provider of component level repairs to complex networking, telecommunications & IT hardware products”

Comtek Network Systems (UK) Ltd

Comtek Network Systems HQComtek is the UK’s fastest growing multi-vendor IT and telecoms repair service, and is committed to extending the working life of legacy IT and telecoms equipment – irrespective of its age or manufacturer. Helping its Pan-European customers to reduce unnecessary waste and minimise the impact of IT refuse on the environment in a practical and cost effective way, Comtek repairs and refurbishes a range of both current and legacy data networking and telecoms hardware.

Comtek’s repair activities greatly extend the working life of communications hardware, reducing costs for customers, protecting the environment, and providing sustainability for the IT industry. Comtek promotes repair and reuse as a powerful means of dealing with the global environmental and economic challenges.

Comtek has highly developed and efficient Repairs, Sales, Logistics, Accounts and General Administration departments. It has recently completed construction of a third outstanding repair lab equipped with various telecoms test infrastructure such as Microwave/ RF/GSM/ Optical/VOIP and BGA rework system. Nortel’s demise as one of the world’s largest telecoms company has created an amazing opportunity for Comtek. It has embarked on a European-wide PR campaign to establish Comtek as a power house for Telecoms, especially for the complete range of Nortel products repairs.

Comtek has invested and acquired many million dollars worth of Nortel infrastructure to enable it to build a world class Nortel repairs and support centre at the Deeside facility. Comtek aims to become the only technology power house to be able to provide comprehensive repairs and remanufacturing support for every Nortel product range. We are continuously searching to identify and recruit high quality ex-Nortel sales and engineers to strengthen the existing Nortel team.

Company Timeline

Comtek is now well on course to achieve its ultimate goal of being recognised as: “The world’s leading provider of component level repairs to complex networking, telecommunications & IT hardware products”. Much of the profit arising from increased business has been reinvested. These increased levels of business activity have prompted Comtek to increase its staffing levels of engineers and support staff by nearly 50% over the last two years.

Askar Sheibani Electronics Recycling Parliament Event

Comtek’s economic growth and its contribution to the development of environmentally sustainable working practices have been recognised by a number of awards.

As well as engaging its own employees in an environmental awareness campaign, Comtek works through local government and at a Parliamentary level to engage the support of communities and policy makers in sustainable practices with regard to e-waste. Further details of Comtek’s commitment to environmental sustainability can be found here.

Comtek does not see itself as separate from the local community and is continually looking at ways of bringing business and community issues together. The C.E.O., Askar Sheibani, is chair of the Deeside Business Forum, a Welsh Government “Entrepreneurial champion” chair of the Deeside Enterprise Zone Board, a CBI council member and a member of the local Regeneration Board.

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Comtek’s European Office

Comtek’s office in Germany provide the same high quality services as our HQ in the UK.

The German office operates internationally, focusing on the German speaking market. They have their own repair facility for the major players in the telecom / network services industry. The office has professionals in all departments from various European countries working in Dreieich (near Frankfurt am Main Airport)

Their customers are leading System Integrators, Maintenance and Support Service providers, Distributors, Manufacturers and End users in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and many other countries.

The German office offer a wide range of maintenance services and tailor made maintenance agreements. Offering 24/7 maintenance services and Third Party RMA services throughout the Benelux and Germany.

With an experience of more than 15 years the German office offers an excellent service in the distribution chain of the biggest manufacturers in the world.

Our Goal

UPS repairs can be a risky gambit if you do not have a trusted provider to handle this specialist service. In the event of a failure, we can inspect the unit to assess whether it will be more cost effective to repair the fault or install a brand-new unit.

In most cases we can predict the most likely method of repair and possible parts required before requiring a callout, saving you both time and money, ensuring the UPS is back up and working as quickly as possible. 

To ensure we can repair your UPS as quickly as possible, please contact us with as much information as possible. Our fully trained technical team will then be able to recommend the best course of action without delay.

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