Westell Repairs

Westell Repair

Westell Hardware Repair

Comtek repairs the complete range of Westell Technologies hardware, including Current, Legacy, and “End-of-Life” products.

Our Network and Telecom engineers have broad practical experience and knowledge of operating, testing, and repairing both current and legacy Westell products.

Examples of Some of the Westell Technologies Branded Products we Repair:

IQ2000 IQ3000
IQ200Oplus Interchange IQ
IQ2031-DP15 TriLink IMS Gateway
IQ2031-DP24 VersaLINK Gateway
IQ2031-DP30 UltraLine Series 3
IQ2032-DP30 3125 Series T1 Network Interface Units NIU
IQ2032-DP60 DS1 – T1 Intellipulse Repeaters
IQ2000+ BroadTerm DS3 Network Interface Unit 522-1012
3115 Series Performance Monitoring T1 NIU UltraLine Series 3 MoCA Gateway