Mitel Repairs

Mitel Repairs

Here at Comtek, we test and repair an extensive range of current and end-of-life Mitel products. We are one of Europe’s fastest-growing telecom repair companies. With over 25 years’ experience of successful repairs we ensure outstanding customer satisfaction.

We have fully equipped laboratories with modern diagnostic equipment along with some of the most experienced engineers who take great pride in repairing Mitel products. With their expertise and knowledge our engineers are fast and efficient in ensuring your products are repaired to the highest standard.

We provide a quick and cost-effective service which is implemented by our logistics department who enforce a rapid turnaround time on all products.

Our externally verified ISO9001 certification demonstrates our commitment to excellence in providing the highest-level of customer service and product repairs.

Examples of Mitel Products we Repair:

3300 CX Controller 3300 CXi Controller
5212 IP Phone 5302 IP Phone
5224 IP Phone 5304 IP Phone
5312 IP Phone 5320 IP Phone
5320E IP Phone 5324 IP Phone
5330 IP Phone 5330E IP Phone
5340 IP Phone 5360 IP Phone
Wireless Phone i640 3300 MXe Server