Refurbished Foundry Hardware

Used & Refurbished Foundry Networks

Foundry Networks Repair

As Europe’s largest independent Foundry Networks repair operation, our knowledge and experience of Foundry Networks switches and modules is unrivalled. All the used and refurbished Foundry Networks switches and modules sold by Comtek are guaranteed to function just like new.

Reliable Used Foundry Networks

All Used and Refurbished Foundry Networks switches, modules and accessories sold by Comtek are fully tested and refurbished as necessary. Each Foundry unit is guaranteed to function just like new. We sell, support, install, maintain and repair the complete range of Foundry Networks products.

Reliable Used Foundry Networks

Foundry BigIron RX Switches Foundry NetIron 1500 Routers Foundry ServerIron 350/450/850 Series
Foundry BigIron B4000 Foundry FastIron SuperX Family Foundry ServerIronGT E Series
Foundry Big Iron B8000 Foundry FastIron GS Series Foundry ServerIronXL Series
Foundry Big Iron B15000 Foundry FastIron Edge X Series Foundry Ironpoint FES Series
Foundry Netiron 40G Routers Foundry FastIron LS Series Foundry Ironpower Series7
Foundry NetIron MLX Routers Foundry FastIron Edge Series PoE Foundry EdgeIron CF Series
Foundry NetIron XMR Routers Foundry ServerIronGT C Series Foundry EdgeIron G Series
Foundry NetIron 400 Routers Foundry ServerIron 4G Series Foundry EdgeIron GS Series
Foundry NetIron 800 Routers Foundry ServerIronGT E10Gx2P Series Foundry EdgeIron 8X10G Series