Avaya Repairs

Avaya Hardware Repairs

Avaya boasts an extensive product range with various items no longer supported by the manufacturer. Comtek fully supports and repairs discontinued Avaya products saving costs over purchasing new IP phones. This process helps to reduce hazardous e-waste which is often dumped in landfills and residential areas overseas, helping to lower the environmental impact of toxic materials. 

Comtek maintains current and end-of-support IP phones, conference phones, multi-vantage servers and IP office control units. Other products include combo cards, trunk cards and extension cards. Comtek has a comprehensive supply chain that allows us to obtain the required components in a short space of time. 

We focus on providing our customers with the highest standard of customer care which has been mirrored in our 30 years of vast experience repairing telecoms equipment.

Examples of Avaya Products We Repair:

1400 Series 1600 Series
4600 Series 5400 Series
5600 Series 9600 Series
IPO 500 Dual T1/PRI Trunk Card PRI 30 Single
IPO 500 Digital Station 30 IPO 500 4 Port External Exp Card
IPO 500 Phone 8 (Analog Ports) Trunk Card PRI 60 DUAL (ISDN30)
Avaya IP Office 500 – Voice Priority Process 100 UIPO 500 Phone 30 (Analog Station)