North Wales could become ‘world leader’ in renewable energies

May 7, 2021

NORTH Wales could become one of the most prosperous areas in Europe within ten years, a business leader has said.

Askar Sheibani, managing director and CEO of Comtek Network Systems and chairman of Deeside Business Forum (DBF), said the transformative possibilities of large scale projects in the region’s future could “completely change North Wales’ economy.

He said: “There are a lot of projects happening but a lot of concentration right now is on the North Wales Growth Deal.

“The landscape of North Wales is unique; you can develop tidal and marine renewable energy.

“With many other parts of the world that is almost impossible. “On top of that, if you want you can generate hydrogen energy. “We already have a hub going to be built in Holyhead for the hydrogen development.

“I expect a project will also be approved for tidal energy in Holyhead and and a Hydrogen Hub on Deeside.

“The beauty of tidal energies is that the require underwater turbines – which need to be manufactured.

“Deeside and Wrexham have some of the best manufacturing resources in the UK, so we could link the development of the turbines and associated technical parts to our manufacturing sector.

“The renewable energy market internationally is amazing – at the moment it’s worth one trillion dollars and that is expected to reach two trillion by 2026.

“North Wales has a really good opportunity and it is fortunate to have the landscape to turn itself into a world leader in renewable energy.

“It’s not just magical thinking – this is within our reach. It’s logical, practical and we can achieve it.

“We have all of the ingredients and projects are starting, which I am very excited about.

“It’s almost like an industrial revolution could be happening here in North Wales.”

Mr Sheibani also praised the joint work of the North Wales Economic Ambition Board and the North Wales Growth Deal teams.

He added: “This partnership is unique to North Wales – a leadership has developed here where the six council across North Wales with leaders from all political backgrounds have come together to work with entrepreneurs, experts and businesses.

“We’re working shoulder-to-shoulder to bring change for North Wales and it’s fantastic.”