Nortel Passport Repair

Nortel Passport Repair Service

Comtek’s experienced Nortel repair engineers are experts in testing, configuring, and repairing all Nortel Passport, Multiservice Switch, and Ethernet Routing Switch products. All our Nortel Telecoms repair team members are top-level former Nortel employees.

Comtek is able to repair the complete range of Nortel Networks Passport LAN, MAN, and WAN switches.

All Nortel Repairs are conducted in our purpose built, state-of-the-art Nortel laboratory. Our Nortel test infrastructure covers all Nortel telecoms products.

Examples of Some of the Nortel Passport Products we Repair

Passport 1150 ERS DS1405C01 Passport 8001PS MSS 15000 Repair
DS1402001 Passport 8010 DS1405C03 Passport 8003ACPS MSS 20000
DS1402002 Passport 8006 Chassis DS1405C08 Passport 8001 PS MSS 6400 Repair
DS1402003 Passport 8003 DS1405D01 Passport 8001PS MSS 7400 Repair
DS1404001 Passport 8690SF DS1405D03 Passport 8003ACPS MSS 7400 Repair
DS1404002 Passport 8648TX DS1405D08 Passport 8001 PS MSS
DS1404003 8608SX DS1405E01 Passport 8001PS Passport 1424T ERS
DS1404006 Passsport 8132TX DS1405E03 Passport 8003ACPS Passport 15000 Multiservice Switch
DS1404007 Passport 8148TX DS1405E08 Passport 8001 PS Nortel Passport 1600 ERS
DS1404008 Passport 8116FX DS1405F01 Passport 8001PS Passport 20000 Multiservice Switch
DS1404009 Passport 8190SM DS1405F03 Passport 8003ACPS Passport 2430 Router
DS1404011 Passport 8616SXE DS1405F08 Passport 8001 PS Passport 4120
DS1404014 Passport 8190SM DS2033001 Passport 8100-2FX Passport 4430 Multiservice Switch
DS1404015 Passport 8608GBIC DS2033002 Passport 8100-4FX Passport 4450 Multiservice Switch
DS1404024 Passport 8632TXE DS2033003 Passport 8100-4TX Passport 4455 Multiservice Switch
DS1404025 Passport 8691SF ERS 2500 Passport 4460 Multiservice Switch
DS1404034 Passport 8616GTE ERS 4500 Passport 5430 Router
DS1404035 Passport 8648TXE ERS 4500 Repair Passport 6400 MSS Repair
DS1404036 Passport 8608SXE ERS 5500 Passport 6400
DS1404037 Passport 8624FXE ERS 5600 Passport 7400 MSS
DS1404038 Passport 8608GBE ERS 8300 Passport 7440 MSS
DS1404044 Passport 8608GTE ERS 8600 Passport 7480 MSS
DS1404076 Passport 8393SF ERS Passport 8100 Edge Switch
DS1405007 Passport 8002PS Ethernet Routing Switch 5500 Passport 8300 ERS
DS1405B01 Passport 8001PS Ethernet Routing Switch 5600 Passport 8600 ERS
DS1405B03 Passport 8003ACPS MERS 8600 Passport MSS 9400
DS1405B08 Passport 8001 PS Metro ERS 8600 & More…