Nortel Digital & IP Phone Repairs

Nortel IP Phone Repair

Comtek has successfully repaired thousands of Nortel IP Phones.

Comtek’s factory trained Nortel engineers are familiar with all the common telecoms technologies, such as: Switching, Microwave, Optical Transmission (SDH, SONET, CWDM, DWDM), Wireless, DPNSS – IP Converters and DSLAMs.

We are Europe’s largest independent Nortel Telecoms repair service, providing Nortel repairs for the biggest names in the IT industry.

Our continuous investment in the latest test and repair equipment ensures that our repair services are the best in the industry.

Nortel IP Phone & Wireless Telephony Repairs

Nortel 1110 IP Phone IP Phone M2008 Nortel DECT Base Stations (TDM) Repair
Nortel 1120 IP Phone IP Phone M2616 Nortel DECT Handset 4060 Repair
Nortel 1140 IP Phone IP Phone M2006 Nortel DECT Handset 4145Ex Repair
Nortel 1150 IP Phone IP Phone M2016S Nortel DECT Handset 4025 Repair
Nortel 1210 IP Phone IP Phone M2216ACD-2 Nortel DECT Handset 4065R Repair
Nortel 1220 IP Phone IP Phone M3901 Nortel DECT Messenger Repair
Nortel 1230 IP Phone IP Phone M3903 Nortel DECT Handset 4027 Repair
Nortel 1535 IP Phone IP Phone M3904 Nortel DECT Handset 4070 Repair
Nortel 6812 IP Phone IP Phone KEM 1100 Exp Mod
Nortel 3901 Phone BCM M7100 1200 Exp Mod
Nortel 3902 Phone BCM M7324 Nortel WLAN 6140 IP Phone
Nortel 3903 Phone BCM T7100 Nortel IP Conference Phone 2033
Nortel 3904 Phone BCM T7316 & T7316E IP Conference Phone
Nortel 3905 Phone BCM M7208 WLAN Telephony Mngr
Nortel 2001 IP Phone BCM M7324 Cap Exp Mod Aastra M622 Exp Mod
Nortel 2002 IP Phone BCM T7208 Aastra M6320
Nortel 2004 IP Phone BCM T7406E Norstar Door Phone
Nortel 2007 IP Phone BCM M7310 & More
Nortel 6830 IP Phone BCM T24 Exp Mod