Nortel ASN, ARN & Baystack Repairs

Nortel ASN, ARN & Baystack Repairs

Comtek has repaired Nortel Networking equipment for many years. Our Nortel trained engineers are thoroughly familiar with all models of Nortel ARN router equipment.

We are Europe’s largest Nortel network equipment repair service, providing Nortel repairs for the biggest names in the IT industry.

Nortel Baystack Repair

Comtek’s factory trained Nortel engineers are familiar with all Nortel ARN, Nortel ASN, Nortel ASN2, & Nortel Baystack repairs.

Our dedicated Nortel repair workshops contain all the Nortel infrastructure necessary to quickly test and repair all Nortel ARN, ASN, ASN2, & Nortel Baystack products.

Baystack & ASN Repair

34000-S Baystack ASN Repair 34002-S Baystack ASN Repair 34010-S Baystack ASN Repair 34007-S Baystack ASN Repair

Nortel Baystack Gigabit Ethernet Switch Repair

AL1001B01 Baystack 5510-48T Repair AL1001B02 Baystack 5510-24T Repair AL1001C01 Baystack 5510-48T Repair
AL1001C02 Baystack 5510-24T Repair AL1001D01 Baystack 5510-48T Repair AL1001D02 Baystack 5510-24T Repair
AL1001E01 Baystack 5510-48T Repair AL1001E02 Baystack 5510-24T Repair AL1001F01 Baystack 5510-48T Repair
AL1001F02 Baystack 5510-24T Repair Baystack Gigabit Switch Repair

Nortel Baystack ARN Router Repair

CV1001003 Baystack ARN Repair CV1001004 Baystack ARN Repair Nortel CV1001005 Baystack ARN Repair
Nortel CV1001015 Baystack ARN Repair Nortel CV1001013 Baystack ARN Repair CV1001014 Baystack ARN Repair
CV1001018 Baystack ARN Repair CV1001020 Baystack ARN Repair CV1101003 Baystack ARN Repair
CV1101004 Baystack ARN Repair CV1101005 Baystack ARN Repair

Nortel Baystack ASN2 Router Repair

AF0002B11 ASN2 Repair AF0002B12 ASN2 Repair AF0002B13 ASN2 Repair
AF0002C11 ASN2 Repair AF0002C12 ASN2 Repair AF0002C13 ASN2 Repair
AF0002D11 ASN2 Repair AF0002D12 ASN2 Repair AF0002D13 ASN2 Repair
AF0002E11 ASN2 Repair AF0002E12 ASN2 Repair AF0002E13 ASN2 Repair
AF0002F11 ASN2 Repair AF0002F12 ASN2 Repair AF0002F13 ASN2 Repair

Nortel Baystack Ethernet Stackable Hub Repair

CG1001B01 Baystack 101 Repair CG1001B02 Baystack 102 Repair CG1001B04 Baystack 104 Repair
CG1001B05 Baystack 105 Repair CG1001B09 Baystack 51 Repair CG1001B10 Baystack 52 Repair
CG1001B11 Baystack 150 Repair CG1001B12 Baystack 151 Repair CG1001B13 Baystack 152 Repair
CG1001B14 Baystack 153 Repair CG1001C01 Baystack 101 Repair CG1001C02 Baystack 102 Repair
CG1001C04 Baystack 104 Repair CG1001C05 Baystack 105 Repair CG1001C09 Baystack 51 Repair
CG1001C10 Baystack 52 Repair CG1001C11 Baystack 150 Repair CG1001C12 Baystack 151 Repair
CG1001C13 Baystack 152 Repair CG1001C14 Baystack 153 Repair CG1001D01 Baystack 101 Repair
CG1001D02 Baystack 102 Repair CG1001D04 Baystack 104 Repair CG1001D05 Baystack 105 Repair
CG1001D09 Baystack 51 Repair CG1001D10 Baystack 52 Repair CG1001D11 Baystack 150 Repair
CG1001D12 Baystack 151 Repair CG1001D13 Baystack 152 Repair CG1001D14 Baystack 153 Repair
CG1001E01 Baystack 101 Repair CG1001E02 Baystack 102 Repair CG1001E04 Baystack 104 Repair
CG1001E05 Baystack 105 Repair CG1001B08 Baystack 50 Repair CG1001C08 Baystack 50 Repair
CG1001D08 Baystack 50 Repair CG1001E08 Baystack 50 Repair CG1001F08 Baystack 50 Repair
CG1001E09 Baystack 51 Repair CG1001E10 Baystack 52 Repair CG1001E11 Baystack 150 Repair
CG1001E12 Baystack 151 Repair CG1001E13 Baystack 152 Repair CG1001E14 Baystack 153 Repair
CG1001F01 Baystack 101 Repair CG1001F02 Baystack 102 Repair CG1001F04 Baystack 104 Repair
CG1001F05 Baystack 105 Repair CG1001F09 Baystack 51 Repair CG1001F10 Baystack 52 Repair
Nortel CG1001F11 Baystack 150 Repair Nortel CG1001F12 Baystack 151 Repair Nortel CG1001F13 Baystack 152 Repair

Nortel Baystack Fast Ethernet Switch Repair

AL2001B04 Baystack 303 Repair Nortel AL2001B05 Baystack 304 Repair Nortel AL2001B06 Baystack 70 Repair
AL2001B07 Baystack 70 Repair AL2001C04 Baystack 303 Repair AL2001C05 Baystack 304 Repair
AL2001C06 Baystack 70 Repair AL2001C07 Baystack 70 Repair AL2001D04 Baystack 303 Repair
Nortel AL2001D05 Baystack 304 Repair Nortel AL2001D06 Baystack 70 Repair Nortel AL2001D07 Baystack 70 Repair
Nortel AL2001E04 Baystack 303 Repair Nortel AL2001E05 Baystack 304 Repair Nortel AL2001E06 Baystack 70 Repair
Nortel AL2001E07 Baystack 70 Repair Nortel AL2001F04 Baystack 303 Repair Nortel AL2001F05 Baystack 304 Repair
AL2001F06 Baystack 70 Repair AL2001F07 Baystack 70 Repair AL2012B01 Baystack 350-16T Repair
AL2012B02 Baystack 350-F Repair AL2012B08 Baystack 350F-HD Repair AL2012B10 Baystack 350T-HD Repair
AL2012B14 Baystack 450-24T Repair AL2012B15 Baystack 450-12T Repair AL2012B17 Baystack 350-24T Repair
AL2012B18 Baystack 12T Repair AL2012B19 Baystack 450-12F Repair AL2012B27 Baystack 420-24T Repair
AL2012B34 Baystack 470-48T Repair AL2012B37 Baystack 470-24T Repair AL2012C01 Baystack 350-16T Repair
AL2012C02 Baystack 350-F Repair AL2012C08 Baystack 350F-HD Repair AL2012C10 Baystack 350T-HD Repair
AL2012C14 Baystack 450-24T Repair AL2012C15 Baystack 450-12T Repair AL2012C17 Baystack 350-24T Repair
AL2012C18 Baystack 12T Repair AL2012C19 Baystack 450-12F Repair AL2012C27 Baystack 420-24T Repair
AL2012C34 Baystack 470-48T Repair AL2012C37 Baystack 470-24T Repair AL2012D01 Baystack 350-16T Repair
AL2012D02 Baystack 350-F Repair AL2012D08 Baystack 350F-HD Repair AL2012D10 Baystack 350T-HD Repair
AL2012D14 Baystack 450-24T Repair Nortel AL2012D15 Baystack 450-12T Repair Nortel AL2012D17 Baystack 350-24T Repair
AL2012D18 Baystack 12T Repair AL2012D19 Baystack 450-12F Repair AL2012D27 Baystack 420-24T Repair
AL2012D34 Baystack 470-48T Repair AL2012D37 Baystack 470-24T Repair AL2012E01 Baystack 350-16T Repair
AL2012E02 Baystack 350-F Repair AL2012E08 Baystack 350F-HD Repair AL2012E10 Baystack 350T-HD Repair
AL2012E14 Baystack 450-24T Repair AL2012E15 Baystack 450-12T Repair AL2012E17 Baystack 350-24T Repair
AL2012E18 Baystack 12T Repair AL2012E19 Baystack 450-12F Repair AL2012E27 Baystack 420-24T Repair
AL2012E34 Baystack 470-48T Repair AL2012E37 Baystack 470-24T Repair AL2012B41 Baystack 425-24T Repair
AL2012C41 Baystack 425-24T Repair AL2012D41 Baystack 425-24T Repair AL2012E41 Baystack 425-24T Repair
AL2012F41 Baystack 425-24T Repair AL2012F01 Baystack 350-16T Repair AL2012F02 Baystack 350-F Repair
AL2012F08 Baystack 350F-HD Repair AL2012F10 Baystack 350T-HD Repair AL2012F14 Baystack 450-24T Repair
AL2012F15 Baystack 450-12T Repair AL2012F17 Baystack 350-24T Repair AL2012F18 Baystack 12T Repair
AL2012F19 Baystack 450-12F Repair AL2012F27 Baystack 420-24T Repair AL2012F34 Baystack 470-48T Repair
AL2012F37 Baystack 470-24T Repair AL4412B01 Baystack 380-24T Repair AL4412C01 Baystack 380-24T Repair
AL4412D01 Baystack 380-24T Repair AL4412E01 Baystack 380-24T Repair AL4412F01 Baystack 380-24T Repair