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Comtek repairs and tests the complete range of Nortel telecom products including PDH, SDH, DWDM, Switching, Wireline, Wireless, Enterprise and Optical. Our highly skilled Nortel telecom engineers are all former Nortel company employees and our knowledge of Nortel products is unsurpassed in the repair industry. Comtek’s Nortel repair engineering team are available for consulting and trouble shooting. Our experience includes all aspects of infrastructure design, installation, configuration, commissioning and testing of hardware and software for all Nortel product lines.

Our continuous investment in training and the latest test and repair equipment ensures that our repair services are the best in the industry. To add to our already existing Nortel state of the art facilities at Deeside, Comtek have recently established a Nortel Optical ‘Centre of Excellence’ which has been operating at its Belfast Centre. Starting with the TN1X, TN4XE and TN16XE range, the plan is to move quickly and progressively to the repair and testing of the complete range of Nortel Optical products.

Comtek operates two dedicated Nortel Repair Labs across its European sites – Our Nortel engineering team is made up of skilled ex-Nortel engineers 

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Belfast, with it’s availability of highly skilled ex-Nortel engineers specialises in the higher end more complex equipment repairing and testing OM5200, OME6500, TN64, HDX and LH1600. These products are amongst the most complex ever produced by Nortel and provide the optical backbone for many of today’s telecommunications service providers.

Our comprehensive equipped labs are fully equipped for testing and repairing all the complete range of Nortel products and our workshop is fully ESD compliance. Comtek’s support service will provide 24×7 or 8×5 on SDH and DWDM networks, network managers, spare units, repair in house or engineer to site at customer’s request.

Nortel Telecoms Repairs

Commonly Repaired Nortel Hardware (click to expand)

A0355200 Power Transfer Unit NT5D6 Mini-Carrier Card NT8D53 Power Distribution Unit Optical Cross Connect DX
A0634492 Single-mode NT5D60 Modem Card NT9D19 Processor Card Optical Metro 3000
A0634493 Multi-mode NT5K02 Analog Line Card NT9D19 Processor Card Optical Metro 3100
A0773054 Superloop NT5K09 Quad Receiver NTAG26 Multi-frequency Receiver Optical Metro 3500
A0773055 Superloop NT5K17 Dual Buffer Card NTAG54 DASS/DPNSS Card Optical Metro 4000
A0773056 Superloop NT5K18 Trunk Card NTAK02 SDI/DCH Card Optical Metro 5130
A0773059 Superloop NT5K19 Trunk Card NTAK04 AC/DC PSU Optical Multiservice Edge 6110
Business Access Point 120 NT5K21 Receiver Card NTAK09 DTI/PRI Card Optical Multiservice Edge 6130
Business Access Point 120 NT5K36 Dial Trunk Card NTAK10 DTI Optical Multiservice Edge 6150
Business Comm Manager BCM NT5K48 Tone Detector Card NTAK20 Clock Controller Optical Multiservice Edge 6500
Communication Server 1000 NT5K70 Trunk Card NTAK79 PRI card Optical Packet Edge System
Communication Server 1500 NT5K71 Trunk Card NTAK93 Interface Daughter Optical TN-1C
Communication Server 2000 NT5K72 Trunk Card NTBK22 MISP Card Optical TN-1T
Communication Server 2100 NT5K75 D-Channel Card NTCG01 Trunk Card Optical TN-1X
CS1000E (Meridian) NT5K82 Trunk Card NTCG02 Trunk Card QPC163 48V Regulator
Ethernet Routing Switch 2500 NT5K83 Trunk Card NTCK16 Trunk Card QPC173 Power Monitor
Ethernet Routing Switch 2500 NT5K84 Trunk Card NTCK18 Trunk Card QPC187 Ring Generator
Ethernet Routing Switch 4500 NT5K96 Analog Line Card NTDK16 Digital Line Card QPC412 InterGroup Switch
Ethernet Routing Switch 4500 NT6D16 D-Channel Card NTDK20 Controller Card QPC414 Network Card
Ethernet Routing Switch 5500 NT6D40 PE PSU DC NTDK22 Fiber Daughterboard QPC417 Junctor Board
Ethernet Routing Switch 5600 NT6D41 CE PSU DC NTDK23 Fiber Receiver Card QPC43 Signalling Card
Ethernet Routing Switch 8300 NT6D42 Ring Generator NTDK24 Fiber Daughterboard QPC441 Extender Card
Ethernet Routing Switch 8600 NT6D43 CE/PE PSU DC NTDK25 Fiber Card QPC471 Clock Controller
IP Audio Conference Phone 2033 NT6D63 Processor Card NTDK70 AC/DC Global PSU QPC709 Signalling Card
IP Phone 1100 NT6D64 Core Unit NTDK70AB AC/DC PSU QRF12 48V Rectifier
IP Phone 1200 NT6D65 Core Card NTDK72 DC/DC PSU QRF8 48V Rectifier
IP Phone 1535 NT6D70 S/T Line Card NTDK78 DC/DC PSU QRF9 48V Rectifier
MFA150 Power System NT6D71 Line Card NTDK79 Fiber Daughterboard QUA6A PFTU
MPP600 Power Plant NT6D73 ISDN Processor NTDK80 Fiber Receiver Card Secure Router 1000
Multiservice Switch MSS 15000 & 20000 NT6R14 Enhanced Processor NTDK83AA IP Daughterboard Secure Router 1000
Multiservice Switch MSS 6400 NT6R15 Enhanced Processor NTDK84 Fibre Daughterboard Secure Router 2000
Multiservice Switch MSS 7400 NT7D00AA Top Cap NTDK91 Chassis Secure Router 3000
NT0961 Trunk Card NT7D00BA Top Cap NTDK97 Mini Controller Secure Router 4000
NT1P61 Fibre Card NT7D03 Ring Generator NTDK99 IP Daughterboard Secure Router 8000
NT1P62 Fiber Controller Card NT7D14 CE/PE PSU NTDR68 Line Card Virtual Services Platform 9000
NT1P63 Electro-optical Interface NT7D16 Data Access Card NTDR69 Remote Gateway VPN Gateway 3000
NT1R20 Analog Line Card NT7R51 Local Carrier Card NTDR70 Reach Line Card VPN Router 1750
NT4N48BA System Card NT7R52 Remote Carrier Card NTDR71 Line Card VPN Router 2700
NT4N49 Four Feed PDU NT8D01B Controller Card NTDU14 Chassis VPN Router 2750
NT5C06 MPR25 Power Rectifier NT8D02 Digital Line Card NTDU15 Expansion Chassis VPN Router 5000
NT5C07 MPR50 Power Rectifier NT8D04 Superloop Card NTDU27 Signalling Server WLAN 2300
NT5D03 CP4 NT8D06 PE PSU AC NTDU41 Voice Media Card WLAN 2300
NT5D10 Call Processor NT8D09 Analog Line Card NTDU63AA Chassis WLAN 8100
NT5D11 T1 Line Card NT8D14 Trunk Card NTDW60BAE5 MGC Card WLAN 8100
NT5D12 Dual DTI/PRI Card NT8D15 Trunk Card NTDW61BAE5 CP-PM Card WLAN 8100
NT5D14 T1 Line Card NT8D16 Receiver Card NTDW61BAE5 CP-PM Card WLAN Access Point 2330
NT5D20 IOP/CMDU4 NT8D17 Conference Card NTDW62AAE5 DSP Card WLAN Access Point 2332
NT5D20 IOP/CMDU4 NT8D21 Ring Generator NTDW64AAE5 DSP Card WLAN Access Point 8120
NT5D21AA Core/Network Module NT8D22 System Monitor NTRA07 Pack Switch WLAN Adapters 2201 & 2202
NT5D21AA Core/Network Module NT8D29 CE PSU AC NTRB21BA TMDI Card WLAN Controller 8180
NT5D26 Trunk Card NT8D35AA Network Module NTRB33 Fibre Card WLAN Gateway 2246
NT5D30 Switch Card NT8D35DC Network Module NTRB34 Core Card WLAN Handset 6100
NT5D31 Trunk Card NT8D37AA IPE Module NTTK01 IP Daughterboard WLAN Handset 6100
NT5D33 E1 Line Card NT8D37DC IPE Module NTTK02 IP Daughterboard WLAN Handset 6100
NT5D34 E1 Line Card NT8D52AB Blower Unit NTVQ01AA ITGSA card WLAN IP Manager