Hundreds of North Wales businesses helped by volunteers during pandemic

May 6, 2021

HUNDREDS of businesses were helped and saved during the “heartbreaking” difficulties of the pandemic thanks to volunteers, it has been said.

The Leader reported in April 2020 how Deeside Business Forum (DBF) launched a business advisory group.

It was made up of experts from many different fields who came forward to offer their guidance and expertise to struggling businesses for free.

Askar Sheibani, managing director and CEO of Comtek Network Systems and chairman of Deeside Business Forum (DBF), vowed to do what he could to help struggling firms to weather the storm.

Looking back just over a year later, he said the initiative has been a big success and saw an uptake of about 300.

He said: “It was predominantly businesses from North East Wales but we did have some from North West Wales, as far as Anglesey.

“There were mostly medium and micro businesses – the bigger ones were reluctant to come forward.

“Some of the difficulties they were having were heartbreaking. “We all worked together as a community and I am very proud that DBF was able to save and help them. “This brought everyone together and that was one nice thing to come out of the pandemic.

“I think our business community has been very generous in helping others out.

“And I must praise Flintshire Council – they have also been working with us very well and supporting and advising businesses.

“They have been a great partner.”