UPS Health Check

UPS Repair Service

Reliable power protection for your servers and network is essential if your business is to stay online and operational at all times. It’s critical that your UPS equipment functions as expected in an emergency situation.

We offer a full UPS health check service to make sure that your UPS is performing at its best when the time comes.

As part of this health check we will:

  • Physically clean the UPS.
  • Check of physical/electrical connections between battery cells.
  • Physical check and test on individual battery cells.
  • Functional tests of all UPS assemblies such as rectifiers, inverters, static switches and manual bypass.
  • Check air filters
  • Check UPS output and load distribution across phase(s).
  • A functional check of UPS monitoring and indication devices.
  • Test of UPS system by simulating mains failure if possible.
  • Full test report will be provided.

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