Cisco Rentals

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Europe’s Largest Cisco Repair Centre

Cisco Rentals

Because Comtek operates its own in-house Cisco repair and refurbishment department, we are able to offer the most aggressive Cisco Rental prices in the industry. Renting Cisco products gives you the network you need now, while still preserving your IT budget.

Whether you need to Rent a Cisco Switch, Rent a Cisco Router, or Rent other types of Cisco products, Comtek’s Cisco Rental department is eager to assist you. Our extensive inventory of Cisco products available for Rent, includes Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, Cisco Pix Firewalls, Cisco IP Phones, Cisco Security Products, and Cisco Content & Storage products.

Rent Cisco IP Phones

A full range of Cisco VOIP Phone Rentals are available on a long or short term basis. We rent most models of Cisco Phones, including: CP-7902G, CP-7905G, CP-7910, CP-7910+SW, CP-7911G CP-7912G, CP-7914, CP-7920, CP-7935, CP-7936, CP-7940 CP-7940G, CP-7941G, CP-7960, CP-7960G, CP-7961G, CP-7970G, CP-7971G, and more.

There are Many Reasons to Rent Cisco Equipment, Including:

  • Flexible Rental Terms
  • Convert from Rental to Purchase
  • Great Cisco Rental Prices
  • Fast Delivery
  • Seasonal Needs
  • Performance Testing
  • Temporary Events
  • Hardware Evaluation
  • Software & Infrastructure Testing
  • Data Centre Relocations
  • Disaster & Emergency Recovery
  • Educational & Training Events

Configuration & Installation of Cisco Rental Equipment

Our highly trained Cisco network engineers are able to provide complete configuration and installation services for any Cisco product rented from Comtek.