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Affordable Network Support

Network Support Services

Has the economic downturn eaten into your network support budget? Comtek’s Maintenance Support Services provide cost savings and freedom from restrictive traditional maintenance contracts.

Instead of paying for expensive manufacturer service support on every single item of hardware in your network, “sparing-up” with affordable and warrantied stand-by spare parts can dramatically cut your IT maintenance costs.

We can supply tested and warrantied spare parts for your network. In the event of a device failure, reserved spare parts are dispatched to your site within 4 hours as a “next day” delivery service, or as otherwise contractually specified. The faulty unit is returned to Comtek for rapid repair. There is no need to pay for expensive maintenance contracts on each and every item of equipment in your network.


  • Instant Fault Fix
  • Decreased Costs
  • Multi-Vendor Support
  • ISO 9001:2015 Certified
  • Tested & Warrantied Spares
  • Legacy Equipment Supported
  • Current Equipment Supported
  • Rapid Repair of Faulty Products
  • Comtek Engineer Support Available
  • Multiple Units Supported by One Spare
  • Multi-Vendor Cover
  • Huge Cost Savings
  • Current & Legacy Products
  • Rapid Repair of Faulty Devices
  • 4 hour or Next Business Day Replacement

Huge Cost Savings

Comtek’s Advanced Exchange Services can support almost any item of network, telecoms, or datacoms hardware. We provide savings of up to 80% from the cost of traditional maintenance support contracts.

Support for Current and Obsolete Equipment

Equipment of any age can be covered. We firmly believe that no matter how old your IT equipment, as long as it “does the job”, there is no need to replace it. Comtek’s Advanced Exchange Service covers equipment from any manufacturer, even ones that are no longer in business!

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