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UPS Maintenance

UPS Repairs - UPS Unit

A UPS is capable of safely protecting a critical load for many years with uncompromised quality and availability of power. However, it is no guarantee of continual power as UPS components and UPS batteries can fail if not properly maintained to a high standard.

Reliable power protection for your IT systems is essential if your business is to stay online and operational at all times. To ensure that your UPS equipment functions as expected in an emergency situation, regular maintenance and testing is essential.

Regular UPS maintenance inspections by Comtek’s factory trained technicians are essential to provides the peace of mind that comes from knowing that if your IT system does suffer a sudden power loss, your business will be fully protected from the loss of valuable data.

UPS Repair Centre

Comtek’s experienced factory trained technicians repair of all brands of Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) units. UPS failure can occur at various levels in the control and charging circuitry. As part of our UPS repair process, we routinely test and refurbish all product sub-systems.

The comprehensive thoroughness of our repair protocols ensures that Comtek Repaired UPS units are returned to your network in a condition of complete dependability.

Examples of UPSes Comtek Regularly Repairs:

Back-UPS ES Smart-UPS SC Symmetra MW Eaton 9130 Series
Back-UPS CS Smart-UPS XL Silcon Series Eaton 9355
Back-UPS RS Smart-UPS RT MGE Galaxy Series Eaton 9E
Back-UPS HS Smart-UPS VT MGE Comet Series Eaton 9390
BladeUPS Symmetra LX MGE EPS Series Eaton 9390IT
Silcon Series Symmetra PX Eaton 5P Series & More

Refurbished UPS Systems

UPS Repairs - Refurbished UPS

Comtek holds stocks of Refurbished UPS systems from manufacturers such as: APC, Exide, MGE, Powerware, Liebert and Tripplite.

These refurbished UPS units are supplied with NEW BATTERIES, are fully tested and warranted, and are priced to provide considerable savings compared to the cost of brand new retail units.