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Quick Eagle and Digital Link Repairs

Quick Eagle Board Level Card Repair

Comtek repairs the complete range of Quick Eagle and Digital Link products. Quick Eagle Networks was first known under the name of Digital Link™ Corporation. Quick Eagle is a leading provider of WAN Access technology.

Quick Eagle Networks has been an industry leader in developing and expanding WAN access technology. Comtek repairs all current and legacy Quick Eagle and Digital Link products.

Examples of Some Quick Eagle / Digital Link Products Repairable by Comtek:

Multilink Access 5842 Multiport Ethernet Bridge DL700 ADSL2+ Router
4250 Multilink FR Multilink Frame Relay 5844 Multiport Ethernet Bridge DL710 ADSL2+ Router
5850 Multilink FR Multilink Frame Relay 4200 SDSL Ethernet Bridge 4335 Access Router
DL3800 Inverse Multiplexer CSU/DSU 5840 Multiport Router
4220 Access Multiplexor 4210 CSU/DSU 5844 Multiport Router
DL3100 Access Multiplexor 4215 Dual CSU/DSU 5842 Multiport Router
DL315X Access Multiplexor Solo DSU DL4840 G.SHDSL Access Platform
Bridges Solo Select DSU DL4880 G.SHDSL Access Platform
Routers Prelude DSU Access Platforms

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