Arris Motorola CMTS Repairs

CMTS BSR 64000 Repair

Here at Comtek, we love quality and the environment. We are now thrilled to offer dependable quality repairs relating to Motorola’s, now Arris, BSR 64000, a carrier-class CMTS edge router within our industry-standard engineering workshops. Our workshops have completed over two million successful repairs. This ensures quality routing service without having to buy brand new equipment at an increased cost nor increasing your proportion of e-waste.

You can be assured of quality thanks to our rigours 48 hour soak-testing procedures. This means any Motorola/Arris CMTS hardware we repair will be tested far beyond switching the unit on, giving you peace of mind for when your router needs to be up 99.99% of the time, delivering reliable speeds for your users with functioning redundancy, clawing out any intermittent failures.

Examples of Motorola/Arris CMTS Products Repairable by Comtek:

BSR 64000 CMTS Edge Router 487933-001-00 DOCSIS 1.4 Protected I/O Card
487921-001-00 SRM River Delta SCM Module 489287-002-00 Universal Standy I/O Card
489301-003-00 GIG-E-SX Card 498043-001-00 GIG-E-SX 1 Port Card
503571-005-00 DOCSIS 2.0 2×8 CMTS Line Card 506563-021-00 DOCSIS 2.0 2×8 LC
523450-003-00 ETHER-FLEX-I/O 489287-003-00/F X:8 PROTECTED I/O
535255-001-00/M DOCSIS/EURO 3.0 TX32 HD 555461-001-00/N DOCSIS/EURO 3.0 TX32 HD
555461-001-00/E DOCSIS/EURO 3.0 TX32 HD 555461-001-00/J DOCSIS/EURO 3.0 TX32 HD