Breathe New Life into Your Huawei Hardware

Whether it’s current or “end-of-life” Huawei products, Comtek can extend the life of your hardware, providing substantial cost savings over buying new.

Comtek Repairs a Wide Range of Huawei Networking Devices Including:




UPS Devices

Wireless LAN

Enterprise Wireless

Storage Devices

DDoS Protection Systems

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Hardware Repair Services You Can Rely On

Our expert hardware engineers routinely repair hardware devices all the way down to component level as part of our no fix no fee hardware repair service. We also provide a 12 month warranty on most repairs.

End-of-Life Isn’t the End

Hardware manufacturers regularly demote their product lines as “end-of-life” and stop supporting them to upsell newer products. As a result, all too often, perfectly good hardware that still meets user requirements is discarded. Our repair service offers a budget friendly, environment-saving alternative.

First-Class Logistics for Rapid Turnaround

Your hardware won’t sit around for long once it’s repaired. Our dedicated logistics team will swiftly dispatch your newly revived hardware in accordance with the ISO standards 14001 and ISO9001 accredited to us, which ensure strict environmental and quality control in our processes.

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