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Cisco Repair Centre

Europe’s Largest Cisco Repair Centre

Comtek has successfully repaired tens of thousands of Cisco Switches, Routers, Firewalls, Access Devices, and other Cisco products.

We are Europe’s most experienced Cisco Repair operation, providing Cisco Repairs to the biggest names in the telecoms industry.

Cisco Spares and Repair

Comtek’s “Cisco Spares and Repairs” Service offers a money saving alternative to Cisco’s Smartnet maintenance contracts.

Our Cisco “Spares & Repairs” service provides Cisco spare parts and repairs for both current and legacy Cisco products.

Cisco Repair Expertise

It is important that repair items are examined by experts from the outset. Amateur “tinkering” and inexperienced attempts at diagnosing and repairing an electronic circuit can cause irreparable damage, rendering products “Beyond Economic Repair”.

The safest and most reliable way of repairing telecom products is to make sure that your repair is performed by experienced engineers who process large numbers of repairs each year. We frequently agree to repair products which customers have unsuccessfully attempted to have repaired by other companies.

Why use Comtek for Cisco Repairs?

Some used Cisco equipment dealers generate a little extra revenue with a side-line of dabbling in a few simple Cisco repairs. Comtek is primarily a communications hardware repair service.

As Europe’s Largest Cisco Repair Service, no company has as much Cisco Repair experience as Comtek. Trust no one else with your Cisco repairs. Call us to discuss how we can indefinitely extend the life of your Cisco powered network.

Cisco IP Phone Repair

Comtek has successfully repaired thousands of Cisco IP Phones, as well as tens of thousands of Cisco switches, routers, firewalls, access devices, and other Cisco products. 

We repair the full range of current and older Cisco VOIP Phone models, including: CP-7902G, CP-7905G, CP-7910, CP-7910+SW, CP-7911G CP-7912G, CP-7914, CP-7920, CP-7935, CP-7936, CP-7940 CP-7940G, CP-7941G, CP-7960, CP-7960G, CP-7961G, CP-7970G, CP-7971G, and more.

Two Million Successful Repairs

Having successfully performed more than 2 Million telecom repairs, we are able to rapidly diagnose and repair Cisco equipment. Practical experience is vitally important in the repair industry and no one has more Cisco Repair experience than Comtek.

We provide a first class service at a very affordable price. Our testing and repair process is so thorough that once repaired items have successfully passed our stringent certification process, they are functionally indistinguishable from new.

Examples of Cisco Repairs carried out by Comtek:

Routers Modems Terminal Servers
Firewalls Wire Speed Devices Backbone Products
Access Servers xDSL Products x.25 Products
Switches Hubs Chassis
Power Supplies Content Servers Legacy Equipment
IP Phones UPS Out of Warranty

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