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Cisco CMTS Repairs

CMTS UBR10012 Respairs

Our all-encompassing experience has brought us forward to now delightfully offer both dependable and inexpensive repairs on CMTS equipment. From modem cards to spectrum management cards to RF switching modules to chassis within the UBR7200 and UBR10012 series.

With over 2 million strong and successful repairs, you can be assured your Cisco CMTS equipment is repaired to industry-standard.

Some examples of Cisco CMTS Products We Can Repair:

UBR7246XVR Chassis CHAS-UBR10012 Chassis
UBR-MC14C Modem Card SPA-24XDS-SFP 24 Port Wideband
Downstream Port Adapter
UBR-MC16C Modem Card UBR10-2XDS-SIP Wideband Downstream SPA Carrier Card
UBR-MC16E 8 Mhz Modem Card UBR10-DSPL LCD Display Module For UBR10012
UBR-MC16S Spectrum Management Card UBR10-FAN-ASSY Fan Assembly For UBR10012
UBR-MC16U Universal Card UBR10-LCP2 Enhanced Line Card Processor For UBR10012
UBR-MC16X Modem Card UBR10-TCC+-T1 Timing, Communication and Control Plus Card
UBR-MC28C Modem Card UBR10-1GE One Port Gigabit Ethernet Line Card
UBR-MC28U Modem Card UBR10-1OC12/P-SMI OC12/STS12c/STM4 POS, Single Mode
UBR-MC28C-BNC Modem Card (Inc. BNC) UBR10-DTCC DOCSIS Timing, Communication & Control Card + DTI
UBR-MC28X Modem Card UBR10-MC5X20H-D UBR10K High Performance Card
UBR-RFSW N+1 RF Switch For CMTS Routers UBR10-MC5X20S-D Line Card
UBR-RFSW-1DS Downstream RF Switch UBR10-MC5X20U-D Universal Card
UBR-RFSW-1US Upstream RF Switch UBR10-PWR-AC AC Power Supply For URB10012
UBR-RFSW-PWR Ethernet Controller UBR10-SRP-OC12SML DPT OC-12 One-Mode Long-Reach WAN Card
Management Card UBR7200 Series & More

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