Case Repairs

Comtek Buys Case Technologies Ltd

Comtek owns the intellectual and manufacturing rights to a range of Case Technologies products.

Case Technologies & Case Communications products perform vital communications links in networks that require the highest levels of equipment reliability, security and robustness. Many well known organisations such as Eurotunnel, Hong Kong Railways, Financial Institutions, and various Police and Emergency Services, still use Case equipment to provide a reliable and resilient network infrastructure. Comtek provides repairs and support for this installed base, as well as manufacturing new modules and chassis on an as-needed basis.

Comtek is Europe’s largest multi-vendor repair service. We repair all Case Technologies, Cray Technology, Case Communications, Dowty, and Case-Dowty products.

Comtek performs Case, Cray and Case-Dowty repair services for Europe’s largest telecoms and multi-vendor maintenance companies. We also supply Refurbished & Used Cray Technology and Case-Dowty products.