Askar Sheibani Parliament Address

Comtek Group CEO Askar Sheibani addresses a full Terrace Pavilion

On March 15th, 2017 the Terrace Pavilion welcomed telecoms industry leaders and cloud service providers to discuss the theme, “Can Fibre Technology Revolutionise the UK Economy?”

Sorrento Networks Parliament Reception 2017 Panel

The expert panel

Sponsored by Sorrento Networks, part of the Comtek Group, the event consisted of a panel chaired by Ian Lucas MP (Wrexham) with the following panellists:

  • Garry Miller – Head of Infrastructure Policy for BT Group
  • Barney Lane – Regulatory Director for Colt
  • Mark Collins – Director of Strategy and Public Affairs for CityFibre
  • Askar Sheibani – CEO of The Comtek Group (Sorrento Networks)

Sorrento Networks CEO Askar Sheibani commenced proceedings, providing an overview on the technology Sorrento Networks partners customers with and the overall state of infrastructure. In his address, he ardently argued the economic benefits where low bandwidths on traditional copper have been restricting growth of UK SMEs with the patriotic desire to build future-proof networks with British manufactured media and equipment.

With the Brexit Bill now passing both the Lords and the Commons, the question whether fibre technology could revolutionise the UK economy setup the panel discussion for a Brexit context on how from a telecoms standpoint British businesses can continue to prosper when Britain will likely pull out of the single market.

Garry Miller, Head of Infrastructure Policy for BT Group faced a grilling over slow investment and growth as well as patchy rollouts in fibre networks, leaving residential areas and businesses with sluggish copper networks, and therefore holding the UK economy. BT is a commercial entity was his rebuttal; to provide profits to shareholders not make it easier for competitors.

An interesting question was posed by journalist Kathleen Hall of The Register. That given the premise that most homes do not require speeds above 30Mbps (megabits per second), then why the need for fibre technology? The panel pointed out that while it isn’t needed now, it is best to future proof the networks of today given the popularity of high bandwidth applications like video subscription services.

The memorable night concluded with drinks at the bar and period of networking. Thank you to all who attended to make the technology reception a success; a night of thoughtful debate.

Sorrento Parliament Event Attendees Photo 1

Sorrento Parliament Event Attendees 2

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