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  • New warehouse and decades of telecoms expertise allows repair specialist to offer decommissioning service which will generate lucrative revenue stream for customers

Comtek, a global aftermarket service provider for the telecoms industry, has today announced its new end-to-end decommissioning service for networking equipment, which will be available to enterprises, internet service providers (ISPs) and operators. Comtek will remanufacture unwanted legacy equipment and sell it back to market utilising its broad global customer base, with an additional 12 month warranty. As part of the programme, Comtek will pass on a percentage of the revenue to the customer decommissioning the equipment.

Comtek has specifically built a state-of-the-art, highly secure 60,000ft warehouse to support this new service, which is in addition to the £30 million it has invested in creating some of the most technically advanced test and repair centres across the world. Comtek boasts some of the largest international carriers and telecommunication companies amongst its customers. Consequently, it not only has the capacity to repair this legacy equipment back to full working order but it has a ready-made customer base looking to purchase and deploy the remanufactured equipment.

Comtek’s experience is unrivalled within the industry due to its commitment to ensuring every remanufactured piece of equipment is fit for purpose, through rigorous infrastructure and stress testing, as well as a stringent quality control process. With multi-vendor telecoms expertise that stretches back decades, Comtek is also able to repair and service equipment that has long been out of production and its customers benefit from one of the industry’s most extensive store of spares.
“Equipment which sits idle on the network represents a lost opportunity for businesses,” said Askar Sheibani, CEO and founder of The Comtek Group. “We’re using our years of experience working with telecoms companies and repairing equipment to connect the dots between those companies which no longer require a piece of hardware on their network and those which need it to keep their network in operation. We’re also sharing the revenue, in order to create a lucrative revenue stream for our customers.”

“This service allows our customers to keep their networks leaner, to source rare and much-needed equipment, as well as to generate a revenue stream from equipment which is otherwise destined for scrap. The icing on the cake is that this not only makes sound business sense for both those decommissioning and buying the remanufactured equipment, but it helps the UK work towards a more circular economy where equipment is reused rather than discarded,” concluded Sheibani.

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