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Ex-Marconi engineers lead new repair service at the company’s Deeside and Belfast premises to meet global Marconi infrastructure support demand from operators, services providers and enterprises.

October 13, 2015 – Comtek, a global aftermarket service provider for the telecoms industry, has today announced its Marconi telecoms equipment repair and support service, which it will run out of the company’s newly-expanded headquarters in Deeside, North Wales, and also at its Belfast location. This service meets the worldwide demand from operators, service providers and enterprises looking to prolong the life of their Marconi voice and data infrastructure in their fixed and wireless backhaul networks. It will further widen the company’s already comprehensive repair portfolio, which includes Nortel, Cisco, Juniper, Alcatel Lucent, Huawei and many other major telecoms branded products.

Marconi Repair and Support

The Marconi telecoms equipment, which includes DSL and optical transmission technologies, provides high-bandwidth voice, data and broadband services to thousands of worldwide businesses and consumers. Mainly used to interconnect telephone exchanges, the equipment is deployed in operator, service provider and enterprise networks to enable internet access and the ability to make calls. Without an adequate repair and support service in place, the lack of spare parts in the market would eventually force companies to rip-out their Marconi infrastructure and replace it with alternative equipment. This would be both a complex and costly procedure for Marconi equipment users.

Comtek has invested more than half a million pounds in creating its Marconi repair facilities, complete with a full range of Marconi test-rigs, spare parts, and expert engineers. Carefully selected ex-Marconi engineers have been employed by the company to train existing staff and to complete the multi-vendor repair and support service on offer from Comtek. This has created a number of new jobs across both the Deeside and Belfast regions and the company expects to take on more engineers within the next year to meet the demand for Marconi equipment repair. Comtek is now uniquely positioned to repair and support all existing Marconi infrastructures; this includes SMA, MSH, OMS and MHL systems.

“The launch of our new Marconi telecoms repair and support service is one of the most significant developments for our customers this year and it aims to satisfy the increasing global demand for telecoms repair,” said Askar Sheibani, CEO and founder of Comtek. “With limited manufacturer support and the supply of spares being drained, operators are often forced into rethinking their network infrastructures to maintain an acceptable level of service for their own customers. Indeed, failing to maintain the network could cause connectivity issues as there are breakages and errors along the line. The heavy investment we’ve made in our Marconi repair service, combined with our heritage in the telecoms repair industry, fully equips us to provide a world-class service that will keep Marconi equipment live and kicking long into the future.”

omtek has become a lifeline for many customers who want reliable and affordable repair and support services for their legacy telecoms equipment.“When manufacturers withdraw support for legacy equipment, companies often feel press-ganged to fork out the hefty costs associated with replacing their entire network infrastructure, despite the equipment being perfectly usable or only in need of a small repair,” concluded Sheibani. “This throwaway culture is having a severe, negative impact on our environment, not least because a large proportion of the discarded equipment often ends up being dumped into landfills. Telecoms equipment users can protect their financial balance sheets and help combat the growing e-waste problem by using third-party repair and support services instead of discarding and replacing expensive equipment each time a manufacturer withdraws factory support for products.”

Comtek’s Belfast Marconi Lab

Belfast Marconi Lab