Nortel Meridian 1 & CS 1000 Support


Comtek’s Meridian 1 and CS1K Support Services

Comtek provides full UK maintenance support for Nortel Networks Meridian 1 and CS 1000 phone systems. Despite the withdrawal of manufacturer support for these high end reliable phone systems, Comtek continues to provide maintenance support for Meridian 1 and CS 1K equipment.

Nortel Meridian 1 and CS1K are NOT «End of Life»

The purchaser of Nortel’s Meridian manufacturing rights no longer provides maintenance support for Meridian 1 and CS 1K phone systems, and wants customers to believe that Meridian 1 and CS 1K is «End of Life». The new owner of the Nortel Meridian manufacturing rights wishes end-users to replace Meridian 1 and CS 1K phone systems with very expensive new replacement equipment. Although the Nortel corporation is now in liquidation, there is NO shortage of Meridian 1 and CS 1K equipment and components.

Comtek’s Continued Support for Nortel’s Meridian 1 and CS1K

Meridian 1 and CS1K phone systems users should not feel pressured into buying new telephone systems. Meridian 1 and CS1K phone systems are very reliable and the life-cycle of these Nortel phone systems can be prolonged indefinitely by using Comtek’s Meridian 1 and CS1K maintenance support services.

Comtek’s Meridian 1 and CS1k support contracts include : 

  • Guaranteed Nortel Networks engineer response within two hours of your call
  • Remote fault diagnosis and repair where possible
  • Same day or next business day Nortel engineer on site *
  • All Parts and Labour included

*Depending on time of call and site location

Nortel Engineers & Field Technicians

Comtek’s in-house Nortel engineers can take care of your complete Nortel network – from configuration and maintenance, to spares and repairs. All our Nortel Telecoms repair team members are top-level former Nortel employees. We are familiar with the complete range of Meridian products and have test rigs for all the Nortel Meridian variants. Comtek’s Nortel Meridian support service will keep your Meridian systems running indefinitely, saving you money, and maximising the return on your investment.

Supported Meridian 1 & CS 1000 Phone Systems

Nortel Meridian Option 11C Compact/Mini Nortel Meridian Option 81C Nortel CS 1000M Single Group
Nortel Meridian Option 11C Cabinet/Chassis Nortel MG 1000B Nortel CS 1000M Multi Group
Nortel Meridian Option 51C Nortel CS 1000M Cabinet/Chassis Nortel CS 1000E
Nortel Meridian Option 61C Nortel CS 1000M Half Group